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JD.com, Inc. (XETRA: 013A.F)

Company Overview

Basic Stats

Price:50.10 EUR

52 Week Low:34.50 EUR

52 Week High:77.60 EUR

Market Cap:78.43B EUR

Shares Outstanding1.57B

Free Float:74.15%

Avg. Trading Volume:969

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Industry: Internet Retail


JD.com, Inc. provides supply chain-based technologies and services in the People's Republic of China. The company offers computers, communication, and consumer electronics products, as well as home ap...


Market Cap89.73B

Enterprise Value69.99B

Return on Equity-3.16%

Gross Margin13.73%

Operating Margin0.77%

Net Margin-0.66%

Dividend Yield2.19%


P/E to Growth0.84


3Y Rev/Share Growth24.02%

5Y Rev/Share Growth26.99%

10Y Rev/Share Growth46.80%

3Y EPS Growth9.82%

5Y EPS Growth-0.87%

10Y EPS Growth11.08%

Debt to Equity1.50