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Philip Morris International Inc. (XETRA: 4I1.DE)

Company Overview

Basic Stats

Price:94.30 EUR

52 Week Low:75.70 EUR

52 Week High:102.40 EUR

Market Cap:146.18B EUR

Shares Outstanding1.55B

Free Float:99.78%

Avg. Trading Volume:294

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Industry: Tobacco


Philip Morris International Inc. operates as a tobacco company working to delivers a smoke-free future and evolving portfolio for the long-term to include products outside of the tobacco and nicotine ...


Market Cap155.07B

Enterprise Value178.08B

Return on Equity-91.29%

Gross Margin66.49%

Operating Margin39.92%

Net Margin28.56%

Dividend Yield5.00%


P/E to Growth1.33


3Y Rev/Share Growth1.96%

5Y Rev/Share Growth3.26%

10Y Rev/Share Growth1.35%

3Y EPS Growth4.81%

5Y EPS Growth5.45%

10Y EPS Growth1.85%

Debt to Equity-5.33