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Southern Company (XETRA: SOT.DE)

Company Overview

Basic Stats

Price:76.08 EUR

52 Week Low:53.16 EUR

52 Week High:77.02 EUR

Market Cap:69.86B EUR

Shares Outstanding918.26M

Avg. Trading Volume:199

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The Southern Co. is a holding company. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and currently employs 29,192 full-time employees. The firm owns all of the stock of the traditional electric ope...


Market Cap81.03B

Enterprise Value135.76B

Return on Equity10.60%

Gross Margin40.47%

Operating Margin16.63%

Net Margin11.76%

Dividend Yield3.52%


P/E to Growth-1.24


3Y Rev/Share Growth-1.36%

5Y Rev/Share Growth1.63%

10Y Rev/Share Growth0.56%

3Y EPS Growth1.53%

5Y EPS Growth-1.90%

10Y EPS Growth-1.34%

Debt to Equity3.37