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Fund Letters Archive

Curated List of Quarterly Hedge Fund Letters

Greatest Investors Compilations

Everything Warren Buffett profile picture

Everything Warren Buffett

Partnership letters, Berkshire Hathaway letters, annual meeting transcripts, memos, and articles.

Berkshire Annual Meetings profile picture

Berkshire Annual Meetings

Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting transcripts starting from 1994.

Everything Charlie Munger profile picture

Everything Charlie Munger

Annual letters from Blue Chip Stamps, Wesco, and Daily Journal, as well as articles and talks.

Benjamin Graham profile picture

Benjamin Graham

Partnership letters and articles.

Walter Schloss profile picture

Walter Schloss

Compilation of articles by Walter Schloss.

Paul Graham profile picture

Paul Graham

Compilation of articles by Paul Graham.

Li Lu profile picture

Li Lu

Compilation of books, talks, and interviews by Li Lu.

Nick Sleep profile picture

Nick Sleep

Compilation of Nomad Investment Partnership Letters to Partners from 2001 to 2014.

Peter Lynch profile picture

Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch's investing articles for Worth Magazine from 1993 to 1999.

Constellation Software profile picture

Constellation Software

Letters from Mark Leonard and written Q&A for Constellation Software.

Amazon profile picture


Compilation of Amazon's letters to shareholders.

Alphabet (Google) profile picture

Alphabet (Google)

Compilation of Google's letters to shareholders.

Jamie Dimon profile picture

Jamie Dimon

Compilation of letters, annual reports, and investor day presentations related to Jamie Dimon.

John Maynard Keynes profile picture

John Maynard Keynes

Compilation of National Mutual Life Assurance letters.

Exor profile picture


Compilation of letters related to John Elkann and Exor.

Markel profile picture


Compilation of letters related to Markel and Tom Gayner as well as interspersed meeting notes.

Fairfax profile picture


Compilation of letters and annual reports for Fairfax, Fairfax India, and Fairfax Africa.